Named after Bartolomeo Cristofori di Francesco , 18th century italian maker of musical instruments, and the inventor of the piano, the Bartolomeo collection in famed and unique Murano glass reflects the skilful workmanship of talented master glass makers. Exquisitely handcrafted, it is available in Black, Red, White, Gold and Silver leaf blown glass.


Bartolomeo Chandelier 6 Lights  85cms Width 86cms HT  Available in colour
Bartolomeo Chandelier 8 Lights 85cms Width 86cms HT
Bartolomeo Wall-Light 2 Lights  56cms width 64 cms HT
Bartolomeo Floor lamp  6 Lights 85cms Width  180 cms HT
Bartolomeo Lamp 1 Light 23 cms Width 52cms HT


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