An Egyptian inspired collection with decorative metal work and crystal linked pieces. The classic collection illuminates fine homes, palaces and buildings of distinction throughout the world. Available in silver nickel or gold finish.


Cordoba Hexagon 6 Lights   Width 60cms HT 26 cms
Cordoba Hexagon 5 Lights   Width 50cms  HT 23 cms
Cordoba Hexagon 4 Lights   Width 40cms HT 17 cms
Cordoba Circular  8 Lights  Width 80cms  HT 40cms
Cordoba Circular 6 Lights  Width 30cms  HT 26cms
Cordoba Circular 3 Lights  Width 30cms  HT 16cms
Cordoba Circular 5 Lights  Width 50cms  HT 23cms


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